For more than a century, French manufacturer MERARD has been developing its know-how just north of Lyon for polishing, buffing and finishing compounds, wheels and discs.

Drawing upon its textile manufacturing heritage, in the 1950s the company embarked on the manufacture of polishing and buffing wheels, and then liquid and solid polishing and finishing abrasive compounds for all processes (automatic polishing machines, robotic polishing cells, lapping, wet polishing, vibrators and tumbling).

With its gaze firmly set on the high-end and high-tech markets, MERARD is constantly developing innovative buffing and polishing products of very high quality. Across Europe and all over the world, we serve and advise demanding professional customers looking for the very best quality.

Pictogramme HAUTE QUALITÉ Merard

High quality

Careful selection and tracing of materials
Performance and regularity of abrasives
Consistent origin of cotton fabrics and their treatment
Traceability and inspection from raw material to finished product
pate polir disque polissage  Buffing wheels and mops
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International presence

Exports its know-how across all continents
Compliance with international regulations and specific features of different countries
EMPF logistics and commercial platforms in Europe and Asia

Compounds, wheels and discs

A single production site where both compounds and wheels / discs are manufactured
Complementary skills and know-how across these two inseparable trades abrasive compounds and cotton wheels
Innovative R&D: optimisation of combined

Advice and training

Process development support and advice
Site calls, working closely with operators
Teaching and training in polishing techniques (approved by a training body)
pate polir disque polissage  Buffing wheels and mops
pate polir disque polissage  Buffing wheels and mops
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Custom service

Every customer is important
Personalised technical recommendations
Design of custom products
Solutions adapted to each polishing process (manual polishing, automatic polishing, lapping, etc.)
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Our employees are bound by confidentiality rules
Historic support to major luxury goods companies