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A mirror finish has fascinated mankind since ancient times. The Greeks and the Trojans already had offensive and defensive weapons that were remarkable for their brilliant shine. For a long time, polishing was performed only on armour, and then on gold and silverware.

The workers doing this job were furbishers.



Polishing involves refining the surface of a piece of any material (metal, plastic, wood, etc.) for the purpose of obtaining an attractive appearance, a high-quality finish or surface condition. This surface quality is characterised by roughness, brightness, shine, etc.

The component to be polished is brought up to the edge of a rotating disc. The disc, made of cotton, sisal, or another fibre, is impregnated with abrasive polishing compound. This process is manual or automated (automatic polishing machine, robotic polishing cells, lapping, wet polishing, vibrators and tumbling).

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