LUXOR Shine tube

LUXOR® Shine super finishing liquid polishing compound has been specially developed to revive the shine of copper and precious metal parts. In jewelery, watches makers and all other markets in search of high gloss, it is highly appreciated for its high polishing efficiency, its working comfort and its very economical side. LUXOR Shine Super Finish Liquid Polishing Compound is available in a 100ml tube, perfectly suited for retail, service and production.

Key features of super finishing liquid compound LUXOR® Shine:
  • Super finishing polishing cream that revives the shine of copper and precious metal parts
  • Liquid polishing compound that is used in manual polishing with LUXOR® Microfibre
  • Highly concentrated in last generation abrasives, very economical
  • Polishing compound with high speed of execution
  • Neutral pH and without ammonia, does not create any chemical alteration on the surface of the jewel and preserves the piece
  • Available in 100 ml tube, packaging adapted to shops, after-sales service and production sites
SUPER-FINISHING  Volume Recommandations Packaging
LUXOR SHINE Super-finishing cream that revives the shine of copper and precious metal parts 100 ml Apply on LUXOR Microfibre Individually


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