The requirements of automotive parts polishing

Whatever the car or motorcycle part, in manufacturing or in restoration, our polishing pastes and our 100% cotton polishing discs are jointly developed in our workshops, in France, to bring you an exceptional shine and a roughness close to zero.

We know the requirements for the manufacturing of automotive parts, for luxury markets as well as for more industrial markets.

The polishing compounds of the Standard range meet the expectations of productivity and quality. The polishing compounds of the Expert range provide unequalled answers for exceptional polishing on vintage or very high-end vehicles.

Chrome, bumpers, handles, gearshifts... these car parts are made of metal, plastic, wood or varnished.

They are frequently polished, in several stages, to achieve a perfect shine, thus giving the part its full brilliance.

The polishing is done manually or robotized, on large production sites, to which our experts travel, all over the world, to validate with the customer, the perfect polishing process.

Automobile polishing disc paste

automotive or motorcycle, manufacturing or restoration, MERARD liquid, solid or cream polishing pastes offer an exceptional shine.

Polishing on car, many parts to polish


car, automobile, handle, bumper, bodywork

car, automobile, handle, bumper, bodywork

Broad range of polishing pastes and polishing wheels suitable for all materials used in any vehicle


classic car, renovation, chrome, bodywork

classic car, renovation, chrome, bodywork

Surfaces studied in our laboratory to provide a high-end polish regardless of the material


dashboard, gear lever, handle

dashboard, gear lever, handle

The polishing solutions, pastes and discs, are developed together, to provide optimal results on all surfaces.


rim, handle, bumper, optics

rim, handle, bumper, optics

On the smallest to the largest parts, MERARD polishing pastes and discs offer excellent mirror-polished results.

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Any tips for polishing automotive parts?

Polishing tips for a zamak door handle

Automobile polishing disc paste

See below for a process frequently used by our automotive customers looking for productivity and a beautiful mirror finish.

Recommended polishing compounds and polishing wheels for polishing a zamak door handle

Polishing Polishing compounds Polishing discs


jaune B


ninoxal bleue



The 100% cotton Expert discs are recommended for automatic and manual polishing requiring durability, resistance and efficiency.

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Which solutions for the polishing of automotive parts?

Polishing disc paste

Standard polishing compounds

MERARD’s range of standard solid polishing pastes covers a wide range of polishing applications : traditional or industrial, small or large volumes, robotized, automatic or manual for which reliability, performance and profitability are your concerns.

The polishing compounds of the standard range are adapted to any type of polishing in search of brilliance, cost reduction and productivity gain. It meets the requirements of all industrial markets.

  • A wide range of recognized polishing compounds to meet all your polishing needs
  • A rigorous manufacturing process to guarantee the reliability of your polishing results
  • Products designed to optimize your productivity and reduce your waste
Custom sisal cotton polishing disc

100% cotton polishing discs

Our 100% cotton Expert polishing discs offer a wide range of flexibility and compliance for polishing all your delicate and/or technical parts. The 100% cotton Expert discs are recommended for polishing requiring durability, resistance, efficiency and being able to adapt to the most demanding polishing objectives : mirror polish, extreme fineness of surface finish, perfect respect of geometrical criteria…

  • Technical cotton cloths made from fine and resistant yarns.
  • Tightly woven to provide a high quality of polishing on all surfaces.
  • Made on our production site in France
  • Sewn, pleated, stapled, ventilated, folded… custom-made assemblies and confections, from 40 mm to 1 m in diameter.

All our polishing pastes and polishing discs are made in our workshops in France.

Made in France

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