The requirements of luxury packaging polishing

Luxury packaging includes many parts. They include, for example, cases, cigar boxes, watch cases, stoppers, bottles… many products made of various materials.

These objects are often manufactured for major brands of perfumes, cosmetics or spirits, in automatic polishing, on carousel or on reel.

MERARD polishing compounds and buffing mops are segmented in two distinct ranges, Expert or Standard, to meet the different challenges of these productions.

The polishing compounds and buffing mops of the standard range meet cost requirements, for example when the part is subsequently anodized or before electroplating.

The higher quality polishing compounds and buffing mops of the Expert range meet the needs of precision polishing, in markets looking for a perfect mirror finish.

MERARD polishing compounds are available in solid, liquid or cream version and are easily cleaned before electroplating, silvering, anodizing or varnishing to optimize all your processes and gain in productivity.

Compounds and buffing mops for perfume

For every material, there is a MERARD polishing solution that offers the right results.

Polishing of packages and packaging, many parts to polish


LIPSTICK, cosmetic jar

LIPSTICK, cosmetic jar

Numerous solid, liquid or cream polishing compounds and polishing discs suitable for all surfaces used in the manufacture of lipstick tubes, jars and other cosmetic tubes...


case, varnished box, cigar box

case, varnished box, cigar box

Many surfaces studied at our production site to define, together with the customer, compound and disc solutions for high-end polishing and a perfect surface finish.


stopper, plate, decoration

stopper, plate, decoration

Several polishing solutions, polishing compounds and polishing wheels, have been developed to provide optimal results on the various materials used in the design of caps, plates and other decorations.


bottle, sprayer, flask

bottle, sprayer, flask

MERARD polishing compounds and discs provide excellent mirror-polished results on all high-end metal and plastic bottle parts.

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Polishing tips for an aluminum cosmetic cap

Compounds and buffing mops for lipstick tube

This is a process frequently used by our luxury packaging customers who are looking for productivity and a beautiful mirror finish.

Recommended polishing compounds and polishing wheels for polishing an aluminum cosmetic cap

Polishing Polishing compounds Buffing mops







The consistency of MERARD polishing compounds and discs contributes to the reproducibility and reliability of your process.

Polishing tips for a varnished wood cigar box

Discover below a process used by a manufacturer of varnished wood cigar boxes looking for productivity and a nice mirror finish.

Recommended polishing compounds and polishing wheels for polishing a varnished wood cigar box

Expert polishing Polishing compounds Buffing mops






Compounds and buffing mops for humidors

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Which solutions for the polishing of luxury packaging?

Compound liquid buffing mop

Liquid polishing compounds

To adapt to the demands of automatic robotic polishing, MERARD has duplicated its best solid polishing compounds into liquid polishing compounds, with a special focus on finishing and mirror polishing.

  • Animal fat free liquid polishing compounds with high concentration of polishing abrasives to increase productivity and performance
  • Easy cleaning of parts
  • Good control of viscosities for easy machine adjustments
  • Flexibility and adaptation to small and large volumes (available from 500ml to several tens of thousands of tons)
Custom sisal cotton buffing mop

Sisal and sisal/cotton fabrics

Our sisal and sisal-cotton polishing discs, made from natural fibers, are characterized by a high rigidity, essential for the first steps of polishing and material removal.

  • Suitable for technical and industrial polishing (pre-polishing, brushing)
  • Particularly suitable for steel, stainless steel and resins
  • Customized assemblies and confections in our workshops, in France
  • Polishing buffing mops in sisal rope or braided allowing to combine the resistance and the flexibility of sisal, for the work of shaped parts.
  • Very wide dimensional range from 60 mm to 600 mm diameter

All our polishing pastes and polishing discs are made in our workshops in France.

Made in France

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