Historical origin

Since ancient times, the mirror aspect has fascinated man.

The offensive and defensive weapons of the Greeks and Trojans were already remarkable for their brilliant polish.

For a long time, polishing was only done on armor, then on goldsmith’s objects.

The workers who did this work were called fourbisseurs.

our job : To be at the service of each polisher

The principle of polishing

The practice of polishing is to refine the surface of a piece of any material (metal, plastic, wood …) to obtain a beautiful appearance, a finish or a high quality surface. This surface quality is characterized by the roughness, the shine, the brightness

The piece to be polished is presented on the edge of a rotating disc. The disc, made of cotton, sisal or other fiber, is coated with abrasive polishing compound. This process is manual or automated.

The objective is to obtain a mirror polished aspect, also called black polish, a visual appreciation of the shine of the piece, in accordance with the aesthetic standards of the technical and luxury industries.

Several polishing steps are necessary to obtain the mirror polish: pre-polishing, polishing and finishing.

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