cotton contact wheels

The cotton contact wheel is used on a backstand as an abrasive belt holder. Cotton offers a specific flexibility that is sought after for certain grinding jobs.

  • Thickness : from 15 to 75 mm
  • Diameter : from 180 to 560 mm
  • With or without seam
special polishing wheel for contact wheel

cotton flap wheels

Made by assembling cotton canvas, the cotton flap wheels, used with MERARD polishing compounds, allow to obtain a mirror polish on flat surfaces.

  • Thickness : from 15 to 50 mm
  • Diameter : from 110 to 300 mm
  • For all metals
special buffing mop with cotton flap wheel

Special buffing mops

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Tampico discs

The buffing mop is a disc made from vegetable fibers, recommended for polishing and cleaning metal parts.

special buffing mop disc tampico disc

Chamois discs

The chamois disc is a disc made from natural skins with recognized characteristics in the finishing of plastics and certain hard metals.

special buffing mop chamois disk

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