The requirements of polishing religious objects

Religious objects and jewelry, such as medals, vases, candlesticks, statues, trays… require a high quality polishing to obtain a perfect shine and an excellent mirror polished result.

The polishing of these surfaces must be meticulous and precise to respect every detail.

These religious and/or sacred objects are mostly made of brass, bronze or gold, and polishing is often done manually on a reel.

MERARD polishing compounds are particularly appreciated for the polishing of religious objects and jewels because they offer a fast, very effective polishing and allow an easy cleaning even on the most accentuated decorations.

Also the 100% cotton MERARD buffing mops offer a good durability and allow to improve the production costs whatever the process in place.

Compounds and buffing mops for religious articles

Religious objects and jewelry are often made of precious metals and their perfect brilliance is a must for the profession.

Polishing of religious objects, many objects to polish


cup, tray, cross

cup, tray, cross

Large range of polishing compounds and buffing mops suitable for all metals used in the manufacture of religious and/or sacred objects and jewelry


candlestick, candelabra

candlestick, candelabra

Objects and materials precisely studied in our laboratory, at our production site in France, to offer high-end polishing to religious object polishers around the world


statue, icon, furniture

statue, icon, furniture

The polishing solutions, polishing compounds and buffing mops, are jointly developed, at our production site in France, to offer optimal results on every material.


medal, pendant

medal, pendant

From the smallest objects to the most complex, MERARD buffing mops and discs offer excellent mirror-polished results and are very simple to clean up after polishing.

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Any tips for polishing religious or sacred objects?

Polishing tips for a vermeil chalice

Compounds and buffing mops for religious articles

Discover below a process frequently used by our customers who make religious or sacred objects in search of a perfect mirror finish.

Recommended polishing compounds and buffing mops for polishing a chalice in vermeil.

Polishing Polishing compounds Buffing mops






luxor green

merard buffing mops and discs give religious objects a unique shine after production and throughout their life.

Polishing tips for a brass statue

Discover below a process used by a religious object manufacturer customer looking for a perfect mirror finish.

Recommended polishing compounds and buffing mops for polishing a brass statue.

Expert polishing Polishing compounds Buffing mops






Compounds and buffing mops for religious articles

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What solutions for the polishing of religious objects?

LUXOR compound and buffing mop for gold silver jewelry

Luxor polishing compounds

LUXOR® polishing compounds and buffing mops are recognized throughout the world for their high quality polishing.

They are particularly suitable for polishing religious and sacred objects.

The LUXOR polishing line is appreciated for its excellent final mirror polish (or black polish) on precious metals (gold, silver, platinum…).

  • A complete line of polishing compounds and buffing mops covering all polishing operations: pre-polishing, polishing, finishing, super finishing
  • Formulation of polishing compounds allowing a clean polishing and facilitating the cleaning of the parts after polishing
  • Reinforced polishing abrasive power to reduce working time, decrease your consumption and reduce your costs
LUXOR Microfiber Wiping

LUXOR microfiber wiping cloth

LUXOR® Microfibre, as well as other MERARD wiping cloths, have been developed to allow the complete removal of polishing compound residues and to revive the shine of objects after polishing.

These fabrics are recommended for the wiping of religious objects, but also in jewelry, watchmaking, and in the medical industry as well as in less regulated industries.

  • Wiping cloth for precious metals and delicate surfaces
  • Perfectly suited for inspection and final wiping
  • Washable at 40°C, easy to clean
  • Does not create micro-scratches

All our polishing pastes and polishing discs are made in our workshops in France.

Made in France

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