The requirements for polishing technical ceramics

Ceramic is a non-metallic material used in many fields such as jewelry, watchmaking or tableware.

Technical ceramics, on the other hand, are mainly used in industrial markets such as the automotive, mechanical, medical or electronic industries…

In general, objects made of ceramic and HyCeram® by Invicon have a high mechanical strength and resistance to wear, making them durable but very difficult to polish.

Polishing technical ceramics or porcelain requires a specific know-how, well mastered by the polishers concerned.

EXTREM polishing compounds have been specifically developed to provide quality polishing in these difficult configurations.

The composition of the EXTREM polishing compounds and the consistency of the associated buffing mops will be key elements to obtain the desired surface finish and the expected level of productivity in manual and robotic polishing.

compound and disc buffing mop medical dental implant

Ceramics have a high mechanical resistance. A characteristic that was the reason for the development of the Extrem polishing product line.

Ceramic and porcelain polishing in many markets



Polishing a wide range of jewelry, such as bracelets, earrings and rings.

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Polishing of many watch parts such as dial, bracelet, caseband, clasp...

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Medical polishing with implant and denture polishing

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Polishing of many mechanical and industrial parts

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tips for polishing ceramics and porcelain?

Polishing tips for a HYCERAM® ring

Ceramic buffing mop compound

See below a process used by a high-end jewelry customer looking for a perfect mirror finish.

Recommended polishing compounds and buffing mops for polishing a HYCERAM® ceramic ring from Invicon

Polishing Polishing compounds Buffing mops


extrem s10


extrem s20


extrem s30

You want to polish ceramics or porcelain and you need more information

on Merard polishing compounds and buffing mops?

To obtain a mirror polish on ceramic or porcelain, it is essential to use compounds for high hardness materials.

Which solutions for ceramic and porcelain polishing?

EXTREM polishing compounds

extreme polishing compounds

The EXTREM line includes highly specific abrasive polishing compounds that meet the expectations of the most demanding polishers and the most complex situations.

  • Highly technical polishing compounds for very specific polishing problems, such as
    • Ceramic coatings
      Final appearance of PVD treatments (Vacuum Metal Deposition)
    • Polishing of hard stones
    • Polishing of platinum finish, high hardness metals
    • Operation on new generation of HyCeram® Hybrid Ceramics
  • MERARD innovation: Cerax® abrasive material, unique association of ceramic & diamond components, implemented to meet the most difficult configurations.
Custom sisal cotton polishing disc

100% cotton buffing mops

Our 100% cotton buffing mops from the Expert range offer you a wide variety of flexibility and compliance for polishing all delicate and/or technical parts.

The 100% cotton buffing mops of the Expert range are recommended for polishing requiring durability, resistance, efficiency and being able to adapt to the most demanding polishing objectives: mirror polish, extreme fineness of surface finish, perfect respect of geometrical criteria…

  • Technical cotton canvas elaborated from fine and resistant threads
  • Tightly woven to bring you a high quality of polishing on all surfaces
  • Advanced treatments and finishing to meet the variety of polishing applications, both manual and automatic (polishing, shining, mastery of sharpening and finishing)
  • Sewn, pleated, stapled, ventilated, folded… custom-made assemblies and confections from 40 mm to 1 m in diameter

All our polishing compounds and polishing discs are manufactured in our workshops in France

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