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The MEDILINE line of polishing compounds is designed for the orthopedic and dental industries, for polishing in compliance with all the regulations of the medical profession (without animal fats), and meeting the constraints of volume and large series.

MEDILINE medical industry polishing compound

Medical industry

High performance and economical


Mediline polishing line,
for the medical industry

MEDILine polishing compounds are intended for the orthopedic and dental industries, for polishing in compliance with all the regulations of the profession, and meeting the constraints of volumes and large series.

  • Polishing compounds that scrupulously comply with the regulations and constraints imposed by the medical and dental fields (without animal fat)
  • Perfectly adapted to polishing on production lines in the medical industry
  • Short range offering a precise and quality solution for each step of your polishing process
  • Economical polishing compounds
  • Polishing compounds available in different sizes
MEDILINE medical industry polishing compound

Mediline – for industrial medical polishing

All our polishing compounds and polishing discs are manufactured in our workshops in France

Made in France

MEDILINE polishing compounds, suitable for…

The MEDILINE line of polishing compounds consists of 5 different animal fat free polishing compounds for working on specific materials in the medical industry:

Polishing of :

Ferrous metals

You need

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Colors Reference Application Cut Shine Polished surfaces

Preparation compound

medilux 50

Strong preparation



Ferrous Metals


Préparation forte



Titanium, steel, stainless steel, chrome cobalt, ferrous metals


Medium preparation



Titanium, steels, stainless steel, chrome cobalt, ferrous metals

Polishing compound


Fine polishing



Ferrous metals, titanium, chrome cobalt, silver

Finishing compound





Cobalt chrome, titanium

To choose the MEDILINE polishing compound

Adapted to your surface...

Polishing solutions are also…

Custom sisal cotton buffing mop

100% cotton standard discs

Our 100% cotton buffing mops from the Standard range are suitable for all polishing processes in industrial environments, whatever the surface to be polished, the machines in place and the level of surface finish required.

They are recommended for standard polishings in search of process consistency, productivity and savings, for the most common polishings, allowing to obtain a nice surface aspect or before electroplating.

  • Resistant canvases adapted to difficult industrial polishing processes (robotized, automatic or manual)
  • Specific treatments and coatings to withstand sustained mechanical stresses and provide a long disc life
  • Manufactured on our production site in France
  • Sewn, pleated, stapled, ventilated, folded… custom-made assemblies and confections
Liquid polishing disc paste

Liquid compounds without animal fat

To meet the demands of automated robotic polishing in medical settings, MERARD has duplicated its best-in-class animal fat free solid polishing compounds into liquid polishing compounds, with a special focus on finishing and mirror polishing.

  • Animal fat free liquid polishing compounds with high concentration of polishing abrasives to increase productivity and performance
  • Good control of viscosities for easy machine adjustments
  • Flexibility and adaptation to small and large volumes (from 500ml to several tens of thousands of tons)
  • Liquid polishing compounds without animal fat available in different formats

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