Fittings polishing requirements

Our polishing compounds and buffing mops meet the high-end requirements of polishing fittings such as interior cabin equipment: shiny brass, portholes, handrails, lights…

Our polishing solutions are also well suited for the polishing and mirror finish (also called black polish) of the most technical stainless steel parts on yachts, sailing boats or private jets: winch, structure, railings…

Fittings polishers are looking for polishing pastes and discs that offer both a perfect finish and ease of use and cleaning.

The performance and durability of MERARD polishing compounds and buffing mops help optimize production and reduce costs, regardless of the process in place.

Polishing disc paste for boats and yachts

yacht, private jet, pleasure boat, THE POLISHING of fittings must be able to MEET THE VERY HIGH REQUIREMENTS OF these luxurious customers.

Polishing of fittings, many parts to polish


Sailboat, porthole, winch, bar, cleat

Sailboat, porthole, winch, bar, cleat

Large range of polishing pastes and polishing wheels suitable for all metals used in the manufacture of nautical or aeronautical parts


motor boat, yacht, helm, motor control

motor boat, yacht, helm, motor control

Surfaces studied in our laboratory, at our production site in France, to provide a high-end polish whatever the material


private jet, plane

private jet, plane

The polishing solutions, pastes and discs, are jointly developed, at our production site in France, to offer optimal results on all surfaces.


cabin, porthole, decoration

cabin, porthole, decoration

On the smallest to the most complex parts, MERARD polishing pastes and discs offer excellent mirror polished results.

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Polishing tips for an aluminum window

Polishing disc paste for boats and yachts
Polishing Polishing compounds Polishing discs


ninoxal blue


chroma lm


cupral csp2

Discover below a process frequently used by an aeronautical customer looking for productivity and a nice mirror finish.

Recommended polishing compounds and buffing mops for polishing an aluminum window.

a wide variety of polishing pastes and discs to suit every part and material.

Polishing tips for a stainless steel railing

Discover below a process frequently used by our fittings polishers customers looking for good productivity and a very good shine.

Polishing compounds and buffing mops recommended for polishing a stainless steel railing.

Polishing Polishing compounds Buffing mops


 HRA 30


HRA 20


Polishing disc paste for boats and yachts

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Which solutions for the polishing of fittings?

Polishing disc paste

Standard polishing compounds

The solid polishing compounds of the MERARD Standard range cover a large possibility of polishing : traditional or industrial, small or large volumes, robotized, automatic or manual.

They are adapted to any type of polishing in search of brilliance, cost reduction and productivity gain.

The Standard range meets the requirements of all industrial markets.

  • A range of recognized polishing pastes to meet all your polishing needs
  • A rigorous manufacturing process to guarantee the reliability of your polishing results
  • Products designed to optimize your productivity and reduce your waste
  • Personalized advice that takes into account your manufacturing context
Custom sisal cotton buffing mop

100% cotton polishing discs

Our 100% cotton buffing mops of standard range are suitable for all polishing processes in industrial environments, whatever the surface to be polished, the machines in place and the level of surface finish required.

They are recommended for standard polishings in search of process consistency, productivity and savings, and for the most common polishings, allowing to obtain a nice surface aspect or before electroplating.

  • Resistant cloths adapted to difficult industrial polishing processes (robotized, automatic or manual)
  • Specific treatments and coatings to withstand sustained mechanical stresses and provide a long life for the disc
  • Polishing discs manufactured on our production site in France
  • Sewn, pleated, stapled, ventilated, folded… available in many different finishes
  • A very wide dimensional range from 40 mm to 1 m in diameter

All our polishing pastes and polishing discs are made in our workshops in France.

Made in France

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