The HRLINE polishing line, designed without animal fat, is highly efficient.

Recognized as a must for polishing in the medical industry, it is also widely used in other markets in search of performance.

It offers a high polishing efficiency, a mirror polished result and an easy cleaning.

Compound without animal fat for dental medicine

High performance

Innovative binder base


HRLINE polishing line,
without animal fat

Pioneer in the field, MERARD has developed the HRLine polishing compounds, without animal fats, to meet the regulations of production and polishing of orthopedic and dental implants.

High-performance and highly technical, HRLine polishing compounds also allow for faster and more efficient cleaning of parts and are now meeting with great success in other fields, such as watchmaking and jewelry.

  • Polishing compounds that comply with medical regulations (no animal fats)
  • High-quality polishing abrasives for a surface finish that reduces contact effects
  • Increased content of polishing abrasives for reduced consumption and exceptional polishing to mirror finish
  • Innovative binder base without animal fats, reducing the wash time by approx. 40%, does not dry on the workpieces and reduces the risk of allergies
  • Polishing compounds available in different sizes
Compound without animal fat for dental medicine

HRLINE – Polishing compounds without animal fat

All our polishing compounds and polishing discs are manufactured in our workshops in France

Made in France

Hrline polishing compounds, suitable for…

The HRLINE line of polishing compounds, free of animal fat, is composed of 8 polishing compounds to allow you to work on the medical and demanding markets:

Polishing of:

Non-ferrous metals

Ferrous metals


High hardness


You need

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Tips guide – hrline polishing compounds

Colors Reference Application Cut Shine Polished surfaces

Pre-polishing compound


Strong pre-polishing



Inox, titanium, chrome cobalt, hard metals



Strong pre-polishing



All metals


Medium pre-polishing



All metals


Medium dry pre-polishing



All metals

Polishing compound


Fine polishing



Titanium, steels, stainless steel, precious metals, platinum

Finishing compound


Super finition



Titanium, precious metals, copper, lacquers, resins

To choose the hrline polishing compound

Adapted to your surface...

merard polishing solutions are also…

LUXOR microfiber polishing cloth


LUXOR® Microfibre, as well as other MERARD wiping cloths, have been developed to allow the complete removal of polishing compound residues and to revive the shine of your parts.

These fabrics are recommended for use in the jewelry industry, the medical industry and less regulated industries.

Key points of LUXOR® Microfiber :

  • Wiping cloth for precious metals and delicate surfaces
  • Perfectly suited for inspection and final wiping
  • Washable at 40°C, easy to clean and does not create micro-scratches
Liquid polishing disc paste

Liquid compounds without animal fat

To meet the demands of automated robotic polishing in medical settings, MERARD has duplicated its best-in-class animal fat free solid polishing compounds into liquid polishing compounds, with a special focus on finishing and mirror polishing.

  • Animal fat free liquid polishing compounds with high concentration of polishing abrasives to increase productivity and performance
  • Good control of viscosities for easy machine adjustments
  • Flexibility and adaptation to small and large volumes
  • Compounds available in different sizes

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