a beautiful shine, also in the kitchen!

Cookware such as saucepans, frying pans, pressure cookers, but also small appliances… are mostly made of aluminum, stainless steel or copper.

These various products for the kitchen are manufactured, on production sites, for big brands or more confidential brands.

These manufacturers pay particular attention to performance and reliability to ensure a perfect consistency of quality of finished products.

MERARD polishing compounds and discs bring a complete answer to all the steps of polishing by offering a satisfactory shine while remaining vigilant on costs and profitability.

MERARD polishing compounds are available in solid, liquid or cream versions. They are very efficient and give fast results whatever your production process.

MERARD buffing mops, made to order, are available in a wide range of fabrics, diameters and mountings (ventilated, corrugated, claw-mounted, sewn…) to adapt to all your processes.

buffing mops and compounds for kettles

utensil and cookware manufacturers are looking for quality polishing and high productivity.

Polishing in the kitchen, many objects to polish


Pressure cooker, wok, stewpot

Pressure cooker, wok, stewpot

Large range of polishing compounds and buffing mops suitable for all production processes for utensils and cookware


pan, saucepan

pan, saucepan

Various types of pots and pans have been studied in our laboratory to define a high-end polish regardless of the process in place.


small appliances

small appliances

Polishing solutions, polishing compounds and buffing mops, are jointly developed at our production facility in France to provide optimal results on all surfaces of small appliances.


kitchen utensils

kitchen utensils

Spatula, whisk, colander... MERARD polishing compounds and buffing mops offer excellent mirror-polished results on all kitchen utensils, regardless of their surface.

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Any tips for polishing utensils or cookware?

Liquid polishing tips for a stainless steel pressure cooker

buffing mops and compounds for pressure cookers

Discover below a process frequently used by our pressure cooker customers looking for productivity and a nice surface finish.

Recommended polishing compounds and buffing mops for polishing a stainless steel pressure cooker

Polishing Liquid polishing compounds Buffing mops


ferinox L16




ferinox L10

Productivity is a major issue. The efficiency of your process, compounds and buffing mops is key.

Solid polishing tips for a copper jam maker

Here is a process frequently used by our cookware customers looking for productivity and a nice finish.

Recommended polishing compounds and buffing mops for polishing a copper jam maker.

Polishing Solid polishing compounds Buffing mops






cupral CSP2
Copper polishing compound

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What solutions for polishing kitchen utensils?

Compound liquid buffing mop

Liquid polishing compounds

To adapt to the requirements of automatic robotic polishing or tumbling of cookware, MERARD has duplicated its best solid polishing compounds into liquid polishing compounds, with a special focus on finishing and mirror polishing.

  • Polishing compounds with high concentration of polishing abrasives to increase productivity and performance
  • Good control of viscosities for easy machine adjustments
  • Flexibility and adaptation to small and large volumes (available from 500ml to several tens of thousands of tons)
PRIMOLINE industrial polishing

solid polishing compounds

PRIMOLine is a line of simple, high-performance polishing compounds that benefit from our expertise and know-how in polishing.

These compounds offer excellent value for money for classic and common polishing operations such as polishing utensils or cookware.

  • Cost-effective polishing compounds
  • Great product versatility
  • Meets the needs of polishing on the most common materials
  • Polishing compounds available in different sizes according to the references

All our polishing pastes and polishing discs are made in our workshops in France.

Made in France

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