Standard or expert polishing,
a choice according to your expectations

In polishing, the choice of the compound and the buffing mop is determined according to the surface, the polishing step, the process but also according to the requirements and the constraints of the customer.

To answer these two levels of requirement, MERARD manufactures compounds and discs with characteristics adapted to each one.

You will find these products in two distinct product ranges: Standard Range and Expert Range.

standard range

For standard polishing, productivity and cost reduction are major issues.

We are looking for a good shine or a good preparation before electrolytic coating or chrome plating.

Many industrial markets are concerned.

expert range

For expert polishing or with high requirements, very specific expectations are expressed: mirror polished finish, near zero roughness or complex materials such as platinum, ceramic, high hardness metals or PVD treatment.

This concerns, for example, the luxury, medical or motorization markets…

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