TPB cotton disc
a very versatile disc

The Merard TPB disc is a very versatile 100% white cotton parachute cloth without impurities.

It can be used both manually and automatically for polishing and grinding all metals.

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Major benefits

Made from fine, tightly woven yarns, it offers unparalleled performance that is recognized by the market:

  • 3 times more durable than other white parachute canvases on the market
  • 4 to 5 times more cost effective than other cotton canvas or parachute canvas discs on the market
  • Very high quality of polishing, preserves all the brightness of the parts
  • Significant reduction in polishing time
  • Good resistance to carding
  • Ask for our test reports !

Available in whole discs or made-to-measure in diameters from 40 to 1000 mm, Merard TPB discs are manufactured in France, in our workshops in Belleville en Beaujolais (69).

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