Luxor, the solution for high-end polishing

MERARD’s LUXOR line, recognized throughout the world, is particularly used in high-end polishing activities, in jewelry as well as in watchmaking.

Manufactured in France and highly appreciated for its efficiency on all materials, it is very efficient in preparation as well as in finishing and facilitates the achievement of a perfect mirror polish.

The LUXOR line is ultra-complete and includes polishing compounds, a super-finishing cream, polishing discs, a microfiber wiper and cleaning solutions with recognized benefits.

How to choose your luxor compound ?

There are 7 LUXOR polishing compounds.

They differ in their composition and in their cutting and polishing characteristics.

Depending on the surface to be polished and the polishing phase, select the LUXOR polishing compound adapted to your needs as well as the recommended 100% cotton buffing mop.

Attention, some customers use other references of our range answering more specific expectations. 

Do not hesitate to consult us so that we can validate the process the most adapted to your need.

luxor® – High quality polishing compounds

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All our polishing compounds and polishing discs are manufactured in our workshops in France

Made in France