In jewelry or watchmaking, it is frequent to have to polish materials of high hardness such as

  • ceramic,
  • platinum
  • or PVD coatings.

In the industrial markets, tools made of treated steel, very high hardness and carbide alloys, machine tools or machining centers must also be polished.

All of these so-called high hardness surfaces are very difficult to polish.

The results are often average and it takes a lot of time.

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extreme solid compounds

EXTREM solid compounds have benefited from MERARD’s latest innovation: Cerax®.

Cerax is a unique combination of ceramic and diamond abrasives, offering a high quality and fast polishing of these complex materials.

EXTREM polishing compounds are particularly recommended for polishing high hardness materials such as

  • Ceramic coatings
  • PVD (Vacuum Metal Deposition) treatments
  • Treated steel
  • Platinum finish
  • High hardness metals

The EXTREM line includes 3 complementary compounds in solid and liquid formats, for all your preparation, polishing and finishing steps, to be used with our various 100% cotton, felt or sisal/cotton discs.

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